Type Specimen Poster

Anthony Micallef • Graphic Design • December 7, 2022

As a student in the Typography class during Fall 2021, one of the assignments was to create a Type Specimen poster and accompanying website. For this project, I selected the font Avante Garde as my focus.

Avante Garde is a popular font that has a unique and modern appearance. It was created by Herb Lubalin and Tom Carnase in 1970 and has since been used in various forms of design, including advertising, branding, and print materials.

In my website, I explored the history of Avante Garde and highlighted its key features. I also provided examples of its usage in different design projects and discussed the benefits of using this font in various design contexts. One of the key benefits of Avante Garde is its versatility.

It can be used in a wide range of design projects and still maintain its modern and sleek appearance. This makes it a popular choice among designers who want to create a professional and sophisticated look in their work. Overall, the Type Specimen poster and accompanying website allowed me to explore the history and usage of Avante Garde in greater detail and gain a deeper understanding of this font's unique characteristics. It was a valuable learning experience and has helped me to better appreciate the world of typography.