Humber Baking Co. Concept

Anthony Micallef • UI/UX Design • December 7, 2022

As a graphic designer, one of my most recent projects was to create a new branding and mobile app mockup for a fictional baking company. This project required a lot of research and planning in order to create a cohesive and effective brand identity.

To begin, I started by researching the baking industry and the target audience for the fictional company. This allowed me to gain a better understanding of the needs and preferences of the potential customers. I also looked at the competitors in the market and their branding strategies in order to differentiate the fictional company from the others.

The Humber Baking Co. is a fictional baking company that is based on Humber College. The company specializes in cakes, but also offers a range of other baked goods. The brand has a purple color palette and uses the Open Sans font, which gives it a modern and professional appearance. The purple color scheme is inspired by Humber College's brand identity, and is intended to evoke feelings of creativity and quality. The Humber Baking Co. is known for its delicious and beautifully crafted cakes, which are made using only the finest ingredients. Whether you're looking for a custom cake for a special occasion or simply want to treat yourself to a delicious baked good, The Humber Baking Co. has something to suit every taste and occasion.

Once I had a clear understanding of the market and the target audience, I created style tiles and guidelines for the new branding. This included selecting the appropriate colors, fonts, and visual elements that would best represent the company and its products.

With the branding guidelines in place, I moved on to creating a mid-fidelity mockup of the mobile app using Adobe XD. This allowed me to experiment with different layouts and design elements to create a user-friendly and visually appealing app. I also added some interactive features to the mockup, such as buttons and links, to give a better idea of how the app would function.

After refining the mockup, I developed it into a full Adobe XD prototype. This involved adding more detailed designs and functionality to the app, such as the ability to browse and purchase the company's products. I also added a unique feature to the app – the ability to view the products in augmented reality (AR). This aspect tied into an advanced multimedia class that I was taking, and allowed users to see how the products would look in their own environment.

An image of a 3D model of a chocolate cake.

Overall, creating a new branding and mobile app mockup for a fictional baking company was a challenging and rewarding project. Through thorough research and careful planning, I was able to create a cohesive and effective brand identity that would appeal to the target audience. The addition of the AR functionality also added a unique and engaging aspect to the app, making it stand out in a crowded market.