AR Mural Experience

Anthony Micallef • Augmented Reality • December 7, 2022

Creating an augmented reality (AR) experience using Spark AR can be a fun and rewarding way to bring digital content to life and interact with physical objects in the real world. In this article, I will describe how I used Spark AR to create an AR experience that allows users to interact with a mural using their mobile device.

To begin, I selected a section of the mural that I wanted to focus on. I used a digital version of the mural in Spark AR.

Next, I used Spark AR to add interactive elements to the digital mural. I created a simple script that would cause the peaches in the mural to fall down when the user taps on them. I also added visual and audio effects to enhance the experience. For example, I added a leaf particle effect to make it feel peaceful, and I included a clip of the mural's creator describing the section of the mural I chose to work with. Users can load up the link in Instagram or Facebook to access the experience.

A video recording of the experience!

Overall, creating an AR experience using Spark AR was a fun and educational experience. It allowed me to bring a static mural to life and create a unique and engaging way for users to interact with it. I'm excited to continue exploring the possibilities of AR and to see what other creative experiences I can create using Spark AR.

Check out the link below to view it yourself using the above digitized mural.